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INDIA | UGC-approved List of Journals (including Journals recommended by Universities and UGC Committees)

The UGC-approved List of Journals includes Journals covered in i) Web of Science; ii) Scopus; iii) Indian Citation Index (ICI); iv) Journals recommended by the Standing Committee on Notification on Journal and Language Committee; and v) Journal recommended by Universities; A note on scope, coverage and methodology used for compiling UGC-approved List of Journals is available at

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1. Care has been taken to exclude low-quality journals identified using criteria prescribed by the Committee. However, faculty and researchers are invited to draw attention of the Standing Committee on Notification on Journals to low-quality journal titles that may have been inadvertently included in the UGC-approved List of Journals. 

2. Though, utmost care has been taken to identify and remove duplicate journal titles (recommended by universities), possibility of duplicate titles can not be ruled out because of variant spelling, wrong spelling, typographical errors, and junk characters, etc. Users may please bring duplicate titles to the attention of UGC for their removal/correction. 

3. Journal titles are included in the UGC-approved List of Journals based on inputs submitted by the universities through the checklist. UGC has not carried out independent assessment of journals recommended by the universities, complete details of journal titles, including the ISSN, are subject to verification. 

4. The UGC-approved List of Journals is one consolidated list that can be browsed by various subjects. However, faculty and researchers should be given due credits for all their publications irrespective of subject-wise categorization of a journal in the UGC-approved list of journal. 

5. The final UGC-approved List of Journals would be dynamic in nature that would be subject to periodic review for deletion of existing journal titles or inclusion of new journal titles based on the checklist criteria.


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