Step 1: Submit your Research/Review Manuscript at Mention Subject as "Book Chapter Volume 1 Submission".

Step 2: It will be reviewed, Status will be shared through email, possibly be sent for corrections/modifications or for some minor changes. Submit again with said changed within specific timeline (to be conveyed through email).

Step 3: Once it is accepted for publication, you will be asked to submit processing fee within due time to avoid rejection.

Step 4: After the submission of processing fee, final online link will be sent to you after compilation of Book where your brilliant work reflected online so that the research community can cite your work.

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By submitting your Research/Review work - you will be adding feather to the cap of Knowledge Base of Scientific Community & you will be benfitted in increasing your reach to spread the word - created by you, compiled by you & documented by you.

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Plagiarism Policy
Each manuscript will pass through our Plagiarism testing tool before issuance of Acceptance for Book Chapter. If a manuscript is found to fall in the category of plagiarism, it will not be reviewed and automatically rejected. Even if a manuscript is accepted and processing fee is paid, the editorial committee has a right to reject the manuscript and will not publish as Book Chapter.

International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR) invites you to submit your work in the form of Book Chapter to enter into the pool of Researchers & Academicians so as to exchange & showcase your work with brilliant minds across the world.

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Book initiation and editor appointment
Date completed: September 05, 2019

Book chapter proposals submission
Deadline for chapter proposals: October 31, 2019

Book chapter proposals Review by Review Team
Chapter proposals review ends: November 15, 2019

Registration of Approved Chapter proposals
Chapter proposals Registration Deadline: November 30, 2019

Submission of Approved Chapter proposals in requisite format
Final formatted Chapter proposals Submission Deadline: December 10, 2019

Book Compilation and Publication Process
Book Compilation, Formatting, Editing Publication: Dec 2019-Jan 2020

Book Publication and Promotion
Expected publication: January 2020